My dog Sandy is a typical poodle princess.  She’s a Portuguese Water Dog Poodle Cross but she has all the fussy poodle traits.  She’s a bit snooty, if you know what I mean (lol).  If you are a poodle or poodle x owner, then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I love the area where we live in Berkshire.  There’s so much open space to enjoy, which is especially great if you’re a dog owner.  However, I live in a flat which is not so great with a dog.  Don’t get me wrong, the dog’s no trouble at all and we’re on the ground floor with access to a communal garden (no dogs allowed) but, it is the hassle of having to put my coat and shoes on and go out for a walk each time she wants to go out to the toilet. 

Photo by Daniel Maas

So, we’re on the search for a new home and our house hunting has begun.  I’ve looked at affordability and repayment costs on the size of mortgage I can get.  As we’re renting and don’t have a property to sell we don’t need to look at refinancing. I’ve also been looking into some of the schemes available to help with home buying.

Something else I have done is make a list of requirements that any new home we buy has to meet.  My must haves are:

  • Big living room – I don’t care if the bedrooms are small, we only sleep in there.  It is the living room space that we spend a lot of time in.  It also needs to be a multi-functional space and being a lounge, dining area & home office to cater to our different needs.
  • Decent kitchen space – I definitely do not want a tiny galley kitchen space where there’s nowhere to store anything and where we are constantly tripping over the dogs bowls.
  • A good size garden, which also needs to be fenced all around so Sandy can’t go off exploring in the neighbours gardens! 
  • Needs to be in a nice quiet area.  No racetrack main road out front, thank you and definitely not next to a school.  Arrgghh, been there, done that and never again!
  • Walking distance to a convenience store.  How many times have you found yourself needing to pop out to the supermarket or convenience store to pick some forgotten ingredient up?  Or even basics like bread, milk, sugar etc? It happens to me quite often!
  • Easy access to public transport – where I live now takes me 6 minutes to walk to the station.  I know that I’m not going to find a house that close but I’m prepared to walk up to 20 minutes or hop on a bus.  What I don’t want is having to get in the car and park up at the station, on those days I have to go in to work at the office.
Photo by Matthew Hamilton

Even though the chancellors stamp duty incentive has finished, the property market is still really buoyant.  Well, certainly round here it is.  Good homes seemed to get snapped up within 2-3 weeks of going on the market!  I think the Covid-19 pandemic made a lot of us rethink our lives and how and where we want to live.  I think the market will be buoyant for some time yet.

Are you house hunting too? Comment below and let me know.


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