It’s important to know what foods you should never feed your dog. We should not assume that just because a food is safe for us, it will also be safe for our pets. Dogs can suffer serious health problems from eating many of the same foods humans can eat without negative consequences (e.g., canned tomatoes and onions).

While we might think that there are some foods that are safe for dogs, there are actually a lot of foods that can be poisonous for them. Dogs have different nutritional needs than humans do. It is important to keep this in mind when feeding them. Some human everyday foods that are poisonous to your dog include:


Chocolate is poisonous to dogs because it contains a compound called Theobromine. This compound is dangerous for dogs, as their bodies are not equipped to metabolize it.

Theobromine can also be found in tea, cola drinks, and coffee. You should not give any of these substances to your dog.

Grapes & Raisins

Dogs have a hard time digesting grapes and raisins because they are not omnivores. These types of fruits contain, cyanide, which can lead to fatal consequences. Never allow your dog to eat grapes or raisins.


Avocados are poisonous for dogs because avocados contain a chemical called persin that is toxic to dogs. Dogs can develop stomach upset and even more serious conditions if they ingest avocados.


Dogs are incapable of digesting sulphur, which is found in onions. That’s because their stomach has a different microbiology than humans and they lack the enzyme needed to break down the sulphur-containing amino acid sulfoxide.


Walnuts are poisonous to dogs because they contain a chemical called juglone. It contains an organic compound called 1,8-naphthoquinone, which is used in the production of dyes and other chemicals. It is toxic for dogs because it breaks down into hydrogen cyanide when it enters their system.


We might find it surprising that peaches are poisonous for dogs. This is because of a chemical compound in the peach called persin. Persin is toxic to animals and can lead to serious illness or even death.

There have been reports of dogs dying from eating peaches, and in one such case, a five-year-old golden retriever developed severe gastrointestinal symptoms after eating a peach and died of acute pancreatitis.


Mushrooms are poisonous for dogs because they have a toxic substance called amatoxins. Amatoxins are found in the caps and stems of mushrooms. Dogs who eat mushrooms will experience seizures, coma, liver failure, and death.

Dogs can get poisoned from eating toxic mushrooms if they eat them directly or if the dog eats something that has been recently been digested by another animal that ate the mushroom.


Milk can cause digestive problems for dogs such as vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and bloat. This is because milk contains a type of sugar called lactose that dogs cannot digest. Because they can’t digest the lactose found in milk, it builds up in their system leading to stomach cramps and then vomiting.

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