Authentic Jazz is something that gets your body and heart going, inspiring movement and emotion that we don’t get in most other forms of music.  Due to its unique identity and incredible sound, it’s something many seek out while in NOLA.

If you’re in the city and want the chance to enjoy some authentic Jazz: these are the top places you should consider visiting. 

Why Jazz in New Orleans?

Jazz was born in New Orleans between the 19th and 20th centuries, with a mix of French and Colonial roots and the strong African influences that came after the slavery era.  New Orleans became the perfect spot for the birth of this incredible music and has had jazz as part of its identity ever since.

Although Jazz can be found around the world now from a dozen different influences, there’s nowhere to find it as good as in New Orleans.  These are the top locations to listen to it here and what they bring to the table.  

Photo By: Marmiche at Pixabay

Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub

This fifty-year-old jazz pub serves mostly classic New Orleans flavors with delicious German beer.  They’re more lax with their performers and allow a mix of modern and classic jazz.  This is an awesome destination to add to your list if you want to make sure you get a taste for many different types of jazz.  The great thing about this pub is it doesn’t try too hard to sell the glamor some would expect from New Orleans and instead focuses on an authentic experience where you can connect with the music and food in the same way that patrons have for fifty years.

Palm Court Jazz Cafe

This is the most expensive location on the recipe, but with its great location near the French Market, the Palm Court Jazz Cafe is a destination everyone could make during their visit to NOLA.  Focused on smooth and atmospheric Jazz, there’s a heavy push to go with classics and avoid trying anything new here.  Although some may feel this makes the music a little too polished, it’s awesome for anyone having a first time in the city who wants to get to know the music scene.  The restaurant and ambiance are fantastic.

Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro

This brick-walled jazz space dates back to the 1800s and works to offer delicious food and the best music you can find in the city.  With a focus on earlier Jazz and playing classics in their original context, Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro is the best place in the city to visit.  Groups rotate nightly, allowing you to listen to something new and incredible every single night you visit.  Just a couple of nights here could convince anyone to start looking for New Orleans houses for sale, so don’t be scared to stop in! 

There’s No End to the Types of Jazz You’ll Find Here.

Whether you like modern jazz or older stylings, there’s no end to the incredible music you’ll find in New Orleans.  Consider trying any of these clubs, and you won’t be disappointed! 

Photo By: Nicolebauer2004 at Pixabay


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