A new puppy is a lot of hard work! Bringing home a puppy to share with your family can be a wonderful experience, with careful planning.

Before you even bring your new puppy anywhere near your home you will need to “puppy proof” your home. You must prepare your home for the new member of the family.

It is a good idea to get down on the floor where the puppy will be and look around from his/her eye level. Electrical cables, houseplants, “lost” items under furniture and stairs are some of the things that could seriously hurt a puppy.

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As soon as you arrange to bring your puppy home, it’s important to call your vet and make an appointment to have the puppy examined. Your vet will want to start vaccinations and de-worming at this time, and will help you schedule the series of vaccinations your dog will need at this young age.

If you are concerned about flea & tick prevention, your vet can help you choose a product that is safe to use on puppies.

Your puppy will need a 100% balanced nutrition puppy food that is suitable for puppies. You will find this information on the dog food product label. With a high quality puppy food, tailored for a growing puppy’s nutritional needs, it won’t be necessary to add any vitamins to the diet.

Clean water should be available, at all times, for the puppy to drink.

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A real challenge for any new puppy owner is house training. The best way to begin this process is to confine your puppy to a very small area of the house at first, or perhaps purchase a crate. Half of this area should be covered with newspaper, while the other half should be created as their sleeping area.

Puppies don’t want to sleep in a wet or soiled bed, so they will go to the newspaper. When you see this behaviour, praise and offer a treat. As the puppy begins to understand the process, you can gradually give more space and then begin to work on training your door to poop outside of the house.

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Remember, a puppy is a baby! They need proper rest and playtime to stay happy and healthy. Providing your puppy with a soft, comfortable bed and several puppy-friendly toys will help with this. Get down on the floor with your puppy at playtime.

As we all know, puppies are a joy to have in the home, they’re so cute. With just a little effort, your puppy will be a problem-free member of the family in no time at all.


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